Can you just be evicted plot

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Member of independent allotment. They lease the land from council.
So M.C is a tyrant and friends.
So many people have been evicted recently 5, I believe.
It seems like there is no appeal( I have never been given rules/regulations) for my plot.
So they do trumped up charges . He walks around talking to everybody( generally its friends of theirs who have plots) gleam little bits of info then calls a M .C meeting and says people heard or saw you doing this. ( All hearsay as no witness called).
I am now in the unfortunate position of having not agreed with him, about what I dont know.

Anybody give a bit of advice. There is no reasoning..if he decides, then that is it
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Get the council and your ward Councillors involved, nuclear option but leave fighting if that's the way the wind blows.
Council could pull the lease back, if you can prove discrimination is in play.

One of our town sites had a person like that stand up as Site Agent (council's onsite representative usually a trusted plot holder.
Do not put off thanking people when they have helped you, as they may not be there to thank later.

I support
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