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Our nearest High Street - 5 mins walk away for a fit person - is a dead loss. There was a downmarket supermarket - now closed. There was a butcher - now closed. There was a Post Office - now closed. Are you seeing any pattern here?

There are charity shops, but praise to people who are doing their best but the charity shops are much better in the more affluent areas. We started shopping in a nearby area because they had a reputable fishmonger. We still do shop there for fish, and charity shops. For other things we have a small shopping mall about 10 mins drive away. Husband also does at least a couple of days a week in London and so can source stuff not easily got here.

I don't want to be a grumpy old git but it all seems such a mess.

Husband keeps escalating our problems with the employer. (Meaning he's taking it higher and higher. He'll not give up.) Has had a reply this morning which totally misses the point of husband's complaint and also says "I don't accept that..." without saying why the guy doesn't accept it.

Where do they find these people? I think I might buy some voodoo dolls from Amazon and stick pins in them. I don't believe for a moment that it will have any effect. But it probably would make me feel better. :lol:
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