Happy Birthday.

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Dear Stravaig, wishing you a very Happy Birthday and hope you get to do something nice.
Kind Regards, Old Herbaceous.

There's no fool like an old fool.
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Have a happy stress free day.
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Hope you have a lovely day 😊
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Have a nice birthday Stravaig hope you have a good un don’t do anything I would do
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Happy Birthday Stravaig, hope you have a wonderful day.
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Thank you all so very much for your good wishes! It's been a lovely day and some old friends and cousins have emailed their good wishes too. The original plan was to go to Bluewater, have brunch at Yo! and have a look around. Then I thought, "What's the point of traipsing all the way to a shopping centre to buy a meal probably not as nice as I could make at home and then maybe buy stuff we neither need nor want?"
So, husband has gone off to the chippie for fish n chips for lunch (not the nearest one - that's bowf) and maybe have a look in my two or three favourite charity shops for art books and cook books.

There were a few things I wanted from IKEA but it would mean a trek to Essex or Croydon and then we'd have to wrestle with the darned stuff to get it in the car. I said we should just order online pay for a delivery. Much easier. The order was done this morning. Yippee -i-o-i ay... Definitely something to look forward to. Coming Monday and Tuesday.

Maybe get some artwork up on the walls this arvo and watch a film.
In ye olden days I could say I'm now a senior citizen (65) but they keep moving the goalposts. It's probably 105 by now. Most likely I won't be entitled to any pension anyway as I spent so many years out of the UK and not paying NI contributions. I've won something on the lottery the last four times out of five. OK only a fiver or a lucky dip but something is always better than nothing. :D

Anyway, how the heck did I make it to this age? Given my lifestyle I always assumed I'd not even make it to 30. (At age 35 I was shot at by several Iraqi machine gunners. They weren't very good shots - they missed.)

I'm off to get the malt vinegar out of the cupboard in anticipation of my F&C. I don't like having it put on in the shop. Makes it all steamed and soggy by the time you get it home.
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Belted greetings Stravaig. You share the same birthday date as my husband although he,s a few years ahead of you !

Good to see that OH is still very much on the ball in picking these dates up. Think I'm at the stage now when I,d rsther forget mine or at least start counting backwards!

Glad you had a good day.
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