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Smoked salmon is crazy expensive for what it is and not even particularly nice. This is what I do: (Have I already posted this? Dunno if it's stress or old age but nothing seems to be working for me right now. Sorry. )

Get marinade ready. (See below)

Get a piece of salmon fillet. Cover it in table salt. Leave for an hour, no more. Quickly wash salt off and pat dry.

Then put your salmon piece into the marinade you made earlier. Leave for a day or two - or more. It's really delicious!

Get a pan
Cut up an orange into segments - chuck into pan
Blat a heap of soy sauce onto it
Squirt a bit of honey into it

Mix and infuse.

When the marinade is cold chuck the fish into it and leave it for a day or so, turning over from time to time. You will never buy smoked salmon again after you've done this.

You can also mess around with beetroot and other stuff for different tastes, textures and colours. :D