Bone of contention

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Yeah, we have plenty at the moment and I wondered where the phrase had come from. Apparently:

"A bone of contention is the cause of a long-standing argument. The website says this expression was first used in the early 1700s. This expression comes from the fact that two dogs would often fight over a bone, with neither animal wanting to give in to the other."

Hmm. I'm not willing to give up my bone (of contention) either. If people take your stuff without your consent, or any accountability, I consider that to be theft or looting. (I'm not talking about the Russians - such things happen in war, are to be expected, and there's nothing you can do.) No, I'm talking about ex-colleagues. This should never have happened. Stressful though it is, I'm not giving up on this fiasco. But it does seem to be never ending.

Happy to see my bird bistro in the snow is busy - two waggies and a starling. All wanting the same suet brick even though there are three. Plenty for everyone. Hey, but let's all fight over one of them. :lol: