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This did not have the intended effect on me.

Yeah, we mostly live overseas but I can nearly always find a space in my suitcase for a coolbag of stuff I might otherwise miss. I got an unsmoked gammon joint from Asda. OK, some people might consider Asda to be a bit downmaarket but I think they're pretty good at some things. Even better than M&S.

I was about to cut open the pack of gammon when I spotted this message
on the label.

"...this product contains raw meat and must be cooked according to the
cooking instructions. OVEN 1 hour 15 mins."

You can imagine how well that was received. Then follows a great long
chapter about removing the plastic packaging, etc, etc. Oh, and BTW, do
not reheat.

I'm making a lentil and bacon soup with it, just like I would on St Paddy's Day. If whoever wrote that stupid label objects, they can come to Poland and try to arrest me.

Only seven weeks left to do, and at least one of them will be leave. Normally I'd not be counting down the days. We went to Kyiv initially for 2 years and liked it so stayed on. Then got evacuated because of Covid. Eventually got back and got evacuated again because of the Russians. Two evacs for different reasons on one posting is hard to deal with. And I'm fed up of living in little Airbnbs and moving so often. I'll be glad of a nice house in Kent. (If we can get one!)