Coconut flower sugar

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Eh? What?

I buy a lot of cheffy stuff online. You know, the kind of things you'll not find in your local Tesco or whatever. Usually I know what I'm looking for but sometimes I'll spot something I've never even heard of and think "Oh well, let's give it a try".

Despite having lived in Thailand for ten years, and being pretty good at Thai cooking, I'd never heard of coconut flower sugar. (Apparently this stuff comes from Indonesia.) So of course I had to buy some! It's brown and grainy, texture is a bit like table salt, but it's really terrific stuff. If, say, I had rasperries with cream I wouldn't dream of putting the usual sugar on it (actually not sure if we have any in the house) but a light sprinkling of this coconut flower sugar is divine and just removes all the tartness.

I lurve this stuff - and I don't even like sweet things! LOL

(My fave online shop is Sous Chef - no link but I guess you can find it if you want.)