Rosemary for consumption ?

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I bought recently some rosemary plants (rosmarinus officinalis) from a local garden centre. Some time after planting out I noticed that the packaging had a 'knife and fork' symbol with a cross through it, and the words "Not for Consumption". I tried to contact the supplier ( but there's nothing on their website and no contact details. I therefore asked the garden centre who also tried to get through to their supplier, but they got no response. My local garden centre did say that rosmarinus offocinalis is generally accepted as being edible and OK for use in cooking, and safe to eat. However, this does seem strange and I wonder if anyone else had come across this, and if it is agreed generally that, notwithstanding the packaging (which seems to be erroneous), it is for consumption and OK to eat. The plants, by the way, seem to be thriving well. Many thanks, Leslie
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I can't see it being anything but the edible herb, if it smells and looks right go ahead and use it.
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Seems very strange to me too, I was just wondering if they are sprayed with an insecticide before being distributed, so put this on the packaging to stop people using them like a windowsill herb……
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That's unusual, as a bloke I never read labels on anything, maybe I should lol.
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