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Hi, newbie member here, but I would be grateful for any advice/thoughts about the new varieties of rasps and blackberries that are promoted as good for containers/patio growing. Have there been any comparisons in terms of flavour or cropping for these new plants? I can’t find trials info online and have found a few articles saying the plants don’t last long and the flavour is not great. As they are quite expensive, any evidence based info would be much appreciated.
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Sorry I can't answer your question but welcome to the forum. Hang in there as there will be someone on here that can offer advice.
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Welcome to the forum.
Have never tried growing either in a patio container. Raspberry roots especially tend to spread to make new plants and my guess is that you would need a jumbo size container to keep them healthy and cropping generously for any length of time, whatever variety you grow.
I suspect crop size would diminish every year unless you were able to remove from the container every year and fill it with fresh compost & manure.
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