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Hi guys,

I am looking for some advice. I need to make some space in my garden for the kids as they need more room to play.

I was thinking of moving my coldframe into the conservatory to help create some more space. (There is no space in the shed for it).

How much will this affect what I am growing in my coldframe? and what will I need to do differently (if anything) because of this change of location?

This is the my current coldframe - ... -coldframe in case that changes what needs to be done or helps with the advice.

Thanks in advance for the help
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Must confess I am at a bit of a loss as to how effective putting a cold frame in a greenhouse during summer months would be.
Severe danger of overheating I would have thought. I can see a potential advantage in spring when making initial sowings

I tend to avoid strangers links so I'll be honest and say I have no idea of the size of frame

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Welcome to the Forum, bazmanboro. I think you will find that, as Pa Snip says, the frame will be too hot. After all, conservatories tend to be very warm and added to that will be the confines of the frame, even if you leave the top off. What would worry me more, is the lack of light. Even a conservatory is not likely to get as much light as the outside. It also all depends on what you have been growing in the cold frame until now - heat-loving plants like chillies or aubergines might benefit but for most other veggies it would be too hot, I would have thought.
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Is there an alternative location for your coldframe. - in your front garden perhaps if you can find a small area where it could be conveniently located. As the others have suggested, moving it under cover is not likely to produce a good result through plants either overheating or lack of light.

If you regularly use your coldframe it probably needs to be somewhere where it gets adequate sunlight otherwise your tender plantsand seedlings will grow very spindly so you may have to choose between elegance of surroundings and practicality. Always a problem with modern gardens I'm afraid where there's often a lack of space to accommodate the needs of different family members.
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