Soya Beans / Edamame

Harvesting and preserving your fruit & veg

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Although they grew well, they are a right faff podding them, so I think these will be something I now buy in the frozen veg aisle. There are loads of recipes where the whole pod is boiled and then tossed in garlic or chilli which you then bit the edge of the bean & suck out the pods but couldn't see the point in that except as a novelty & it still seemed quite tough to actually get them out.

I just want the podded beans to brighten up salads, rice & pasta dishes & thought these would fill in the gaps when broad beans are not available. On the positive side I at least timed the harvesting correctly this year & now know that when cooked the second fluffy coating on them just falls off & I don't have to bother with rubbing that off. I will try boiling them whole as well to see if they are easier to pod that way. I still have loads to pick!