Is Comfrey as invasive as some suggest?

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I have never used comfrey, can anyone tell me if i can just pick the leaves and put them in my compost along with nettles, sorry if i sound a bit dim but i am still learning about gardening. thanks jeff
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That's how I use it. When I cut the grass I put in layers of shredded paper / cardboard, the grass, comfrey and anything else I have to hand - heats up very quickly.
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You could cut the leaves and put in a tub or barrel mix with nettles fill with water leave for a couple of weeks then use it for a feed but water it down on a ratio of ten water one out of the barrel
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I use them like Geoff - just add them to the compost bins. When we have had a lot of comfrey growth at the end of the season, I have also just spread them on the empty ground and let the worms dig them in.
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