Please help my dying Cheese plant?

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Hi, I am new here and need some help for my Cheese plant... I have had the plant for about 7 years but repotted it about 2 months ago since it just spread massively across the ground and I wanted to make it grow taller. Since then, the leaves have turned yellow-brown along the edges and the top layer of the soil has got a white fine layer on it too. I have looked the symptoms up online and can't make my mind up if I over under-watered it...I have not watered it for about 3 weeks now but it's just getting worse and there are only about 3 leaves left...Also, the aerial roots that I pushed into the soil have died off and are almost hollow and light brown. What do you think, please? Shall I report and try watering? It upsets me to see her dying...

Many thanks.
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Welcome to the forum paulreed!

I can't answer your question as it is something I have never been successful with, but just hang in there until the clever forum members come online.
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Where re you living? Is this a Swiss cheese plant whixh in the UK is kept indoors all year round because it wouldn't survive our winter climate. Perhaps you!re living in sunnier climes?

Sound as if it,s come to the end of its natural life though and possibly too late to rescue. Sounds as if the white layer on surface of soil may be a fungus of some kind whixh is killing the plant. You could try scraping it off and aerating the soil but realistically probably too late to rescue it. Can you provide a photo?
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Depending upon where you are it could be the wrong time to repot a houseplant. In the UK you would normally wait until the weather and light is a bit warmer / stronger.
The prescence of the white mold makes me think you have overwatered. I know you said you haven’t watered for 3wks, how damp is the soil now? If it is still wet then perhaps taking the plant out of the damp soil and repotting it again into drier soil.
My cheesplant has a leaf turning yellow currently but I’m putting this down to the shock of a new house, it’s in a much colder area than before, its mother plant however is doing well. They really don’t like bright light so ensure it is not in direct sunlight and if the area is quite warm, mist the plant.
If the plant is in the same area it was thriving previously I’d be looking at the soil and the climate/time of year you have repotted the plant.

It sounds like a rather large plant, perhaps now is the time to propagate?
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