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Our next door neighbours are pleasant people but we don't have much in common. Funnily enough their parents/grandparents live next door to them on the other side. They're a wee bit elderly but their mindset is more like ours.

Anyway, these next door neighbours don't seem to ever cook anything. They get a take away every night. Every night! I said to husband perhaps we should try it if it's that good. So he went to McDonalds. I wanted a vegetarian burger - don't eat mystery meat.

Oh gee, it was awful. I only managed one bite of it. It was probably the worst thing I've ever put in my mouth. :(

Mr next door has a good sized concreted over front garden. I reckon that could be a good venue for something - a pop-up soup kitchen perhaps? I'm confident I'll be able to bribe him with food. Maybe curry? Ours is smaller and full of dead or half-dead shrubs.