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I love Mr Shallot Man!

(No. Not in 'that' way. I'm not trying to chat him up.)

To Mr Shallot Man, my husband and I would be glad to welcome you to our home any time but you probably live too far away..

Why shallots? As a chef I can see their qualities - sweeter than onions, and so on but why focus on them?

Now there's an intesting thing - if you had one thing you couldn't do without... I'd probably take coriander (assuming I already had salt and peppper and the usual stuff,)

What's your take on it?
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Shallot Man
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Was named" Shallotman" by fellow plot holders, because for over 30 years I selected my own stock from what I had grown this year, for next. Despite being warned of all the problems I would have. What I did notice, that by selecting the best each year we went from some 9/11 bulbs in a cluster each year down to 5/6 and of course much larger. :lol:
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He is a good old boy, as we say around here…🙂
Kind Regards, Old Herbaceous.

There's no fool like an old fool.
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