Being part of the royal family

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Yeah, I know it would be nice to be a billionaire but...

Who wants to marry a relative? Some of mine are quite nice but they're either a wee bit chunky or not very smart.

There was one I quite fancied several decades ago, but he's dead now and was a bit boring anyway. He did kindly give me a heap of books about accountancy - very helpful! (Really, that was very kind of him.)

I think it would be better to win the lottery.

Can you think of any relative you might want to marry? On that subject my cousin - whom I've not seen for more than 20 years is coming to visit us on Tuesday. I don't think either of us has marraige in mind. I've booked a table for us at my favourite local curry house. That'll have to do.

My family is weird - it's all girls on the one side, and I'm the only girl on the other side where it's all boys.