Will my weeds die in winter!

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My allotment was cleared a couple of years ago by hard labour with fork and spade. The topsoil was removed regardless.

Now my battle is with weeds which are undoing my hard work and I fear my allotment could be lost.

Please answer my naive general question of will my weeds all die back in winter as a rule of thumb.
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Fortunately some might but unfortunately some if not not most won't. If it were me I would spray with Glyphosate on a sunny day and again early next spring but many choose alternative (commendable) methods.

Weeds are a nuisance and have got the better of me this summer (due to a period of bad back pain) but I'm happy to use a chemical aid.

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Why did you remove the top soil ,I agree with cider boys some will some won’t ,welcome by the way don’t be afraid of asking questions
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I would cover in cardboard with compost on top.


When the small ones appear hoe them off on a sunny day and pull the large ones up and compost them ( assuming you have a hot compost system)
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The allotment was 4ft high country grass when I started, so not being a fan of raised beds I dug most of the foot thick turf away to get to the bare ground beneath. It was the only practicable solution.
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I'm not a pro regarding this question. However, I don't think it was necessary to take away topsoil. Maybe I missed something :)
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