Bergera Koenigii (Curry leaf tree) propagation from seed

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I've been struggling to get my Bergera Koenigii seeds from eBay seller 'dinidumilan96' in Sri Lanka to germinate. However, my own errors definitely messed up some of it. I didn't understand how small they were and didn't notice that the dried fruit flesh was still on the seed. I soaked the seeds for 20 minutes in Hydrogen Peroxide diluted in tepid water. The seeds started falling apart and splitting in half. So I hurriedly rinsed them and put them in the hot water cylinder cupboard at a constant temperature of 28C/82F. They were in a tupperware container on damp tissue. They almost instantly went mouldy.
Tried peroxide rinsing again and removed the skin this time. Again mouldy after a couple days.
Now they're in a cococoir/perlite 50/50 mix after another peroxide rinse and after a couple weeks no mould but still no sign of action.
TBH, the were a year old. However, many people in the Indian Subcontinent swear by air dried seeds from the previous season. It would appear that most Western info sources recommend fresh seeds.
I then emailed every Sri Lankan Bergera Koenigii seed seller on eBay asking when they were harvesting seeds. I specifically wanted to order from Sri Lanka because their economy is in freefall at the moment and ordinary people are struggling to eat.
These are the sellers that reported fresh seed now in May: abma_855, dimay8140, legit_mart_store2, witchmaster2012, sunflower_store39, dissanayake_store, chanpahala_0, canitstore.
My orders from abma_855 and chanpahala_0 arrives in a few weeks. I intend to put them straight in the seedling mix after 12 hour soak in tepid water and cleaning off flesh.

Any propagation advice would be much appreciated.