onion white rot

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onion white rot

Postby yummyveggies » Mon Feb 06, 2006 10:28 pm

I have just attended our local garden club ... a very intersting talk on companion planting.
I asked the question is there any prevention for white rot on onions ... I had a newly cultivated veg patch last year ( was a field before that) and got half a dozen onions with white rot ... the answer I was given by the chap doing the talk ( who had trained as an apprentice under Percy Thrower !)was to use coal soot / cinders ... fork it into the ground where the onions are to go .. and the sulphur would do the trick .... I have a plentiful supply from my coal fire.
Anyone heard of that before ? Surely better than waiting 15 years to grow onions( as most of the advice given in books suggests)

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