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Aphids on apple tree

Posted: Sun Sep 18, 2016 1:11 pm
by Colin2016
My garden started off empty with just an apple tree, 2 roses plus a few plants brought on special offer.

The apple tree had a very small amount of blossom and failed to have any signs of apples. Research showed this was caused to aphids so I went to work with the jet water hose over the summer months.

One variety of the special offer plants has what looks like aphids on the underside of the leaves.doing research on this forum shows that marigolds are good and ladybirds (which I can buy, never thought possible) as well.

Would planting marigolds around the base of the tree keep aphids way and is quantity a factor or just that they are there.

Will the apple have have lasting effects from these aphids and is there anything I can do between now and next year to help it recover?