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A Grumpy Moment.

Postby snooky » Mon May 02, 2011 6:33 pm

Need a new tyre on one of the wheels of the car.Quoted a price for the tyre which is quite acceptable-then the extras were added on putting another twelve or so pounds on top.When I queried why I had to have a new valve fitted at the cost of five pounds when there was a perfectly good one already fitted and working,could I get a straight answer;could I heck!!The best that they could come up with was the all encompassing"Standard practice,Sir, for safety reasons".
The other thing that brasses me off is when an item on e-bay has days,even weeks to go,before the end of the auction,people are bidding like mad and putting the price up when there is no need to.Usually it is sold in the last five minutes when the real bidders come in. :x
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