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Cloche Hoops

Postby Geoff » Mon Nov 28, 2005 6:16 pm

Towards the end of the life of the old forum I asked a question about cloche hoops - it may have gone unnoticed or perhaps nobody knew an answer.
I have some old galvanised cloche hoops that are not tubular but rather a sort of m section with wire clips that hold the polythene in the top of the m - hope you can follow that. I have two types. The original ones I think were called KerriCloches and may have been designed in New Zealand, some later ones were an attempted copy by LBS but the clips don't hold as well. They are about 20 years old and are starting to rust. Has anybody seen anything like this and more importantly do you know a supplier? They are like an improvement on the Geoff Hamilton polypipe design. Or if anybody has a good design for 3' to 4' wide tunnel cloches?
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