Smelly water butt

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Smelly water butt

Postby luzpeaceful » Thu Jan 07, 2021 4:30 pm

I have an enclosed water butt which collects rainwater from the guttering on my shed. I have placed wire mesh over the top of the down spout to prevent leaves etc falling into the butt. After a few months a sulphorous smell eminated from the butt when I poured water into the watering can from the tap. On checking inside there were no dead creatures in the butt.
At best, the smell is very unpleasant and at worst, I am concerned that the water may damage my plants. I read that Potassium Permanganate can get rid of the smell but someone said it's like a bleach and WILL damage the plants. I couldn't find anywhere that sold it anyway.
Please let me know if it's okay to use it whilst smelly and that it won't harm my plants and is there any way of getting rid of the smell.
Many thanks
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