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Bournemouth Air Show

Posted: Sat Aug 20, 2016 7:27 pm
by Westi
Well not the show actually but kind of related!

Red Arrows did the show in Bournemouth this evening. (The day events cancelled due to the high winds). Now sometimes they go over the house on their way back, tonight I was lucky. Had gone back into the house to answer the phone & walking into the kitchen I saw them through the door coming directly behind the house, but what was funny was the cat doing that comic jump straight up in the air before running into the house (she was sleeping in the garden) & the dog ducking down as they went over! :lol:

I missed them really because of that side show, but it was worth it! Laughed so much! Critters hey?

PS: Now I've got to prise out the cat from under the bed! :D