Sometimes it pays to wait.

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Sometimes it pays to wait.

Postby Westi » Wed Dec 02, 2015 5:25 pm

Been browsing on the internet for some new lounge furniture, not with any great intent to buy just yet though. And it was Black Friday & Cyber Monday so there were a few things marked down but not spectacularly, so not tempted.

Today I opened an e-mail from a particular company I did visit a couple of times but mainly to check sizes of a couple of things. In the e-mail - they noted I had visited, so offered 20% more off their Cyber Monday price if ordered today, Monday was an extra 10% off their Black Friday price which was also 10% off - & free delivery to boot! 40% off in total!

Yep I placed my order & expect delivery of a new oak bookcase & sideboard end of January! That little bonus will pay to have the lounge re-decorated as well!

Lucky me - anyone else snare any 'real' bargains from this American import? I was not impressed with 10% off anything - you get that at any sale time. Friends in the states tell me they expect 50% minimum off so maybe our companies are a wee bit greedy still!

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Re: Sometimes it pays to wait.

Postby Catherine » Wed Dec 02, 2015 7:04 pm

We booked a holiday cottage for next September with the owner of the cottage (we stayed there last September) She put the price up by £15 from this year.

We liked it so much we booked.

Then the same day last week we got an email from a Holiday Cottage company who also advertised the cottage we had booked, offering 10% off the price of the cottage. Blck Friday deal. So we rang the owner and told her about the offer and she was suprised and not very happy that we had received an email from them (we were already on their mailing list) So she has reduced her price by 10% so now we are paying less than we paid last year. How good is that. :D

Then we booked another week away in May with the same company and got another 10% off the price of that week as well. Happy days.
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Re: Sometimes it pays to wait.

Postby Stephen » Thu Dec 03, 2015 4:28 pm

It's always great to pick up a bargain. As a student I would go to Berwick Street market just before the stall holders packed up to get "going home prices"
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Re: Sometimes it pays to wait.

Postby dan3008 » Thu Dec 03, 2015 6:40 pm

Stephen wrote:It's always great to pick up a bargain. As a student I would go to Berwick Street market just before the stall holders packed up to get "going home prices"

I used to do that with castle market by where I lived. One time, I got a KG of ox tail for £4, and a whole chicken for £2 :D and a MASSIVE bag of mixed veg :D I ate like a king that week :D
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