House Birthday Cake

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House Birthday Cake

Postby jamesrobartson » Mon Oct 18, 2010 11:13 am

* 175g Self Raising Flour
* 175g Caster Sugar
* 175g margarine
* 3 eggs
* ½-1 tsp vanilla essence
* 200g icing sugar
* 100g softened butter
* 1 tsp vanilla essence
* pink food colouring
* cadbury's finger biscuits
* 4 after eight chocolates
* 1 rectangle biscuit
* icing flowers


* Make cake as for victoria sponge...i put everything in food processor). Cook in rectangle tin for about 40 minutes.
Once cooled, cut two pieces the same size so one can go on top of other one (for house bit) then make the left over bit into a roof shape (doesn,t need to be too exact as it will get covered with icing and finger biscuits).
But butter cream and jam in middle then cover whole lot with more butter cream. Lay the finger biscuits on roof and use the after eight mint chocolates for windows. The rectangle biscuit is for the door. Decorate bottom of house with the icing flowers. Stick candles on one side of roof for the chimney.
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