Glut of Courgette Goldie.

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Glut of Courgette Goldie.

Postby Nature's Babe » Sun Sep 05, 2010 6:17 pm

Honey and Mustard Pickle.

2 or 3 chopped onion
handful of french or runner beans, inch cut
2 cubed red peppers
5 gold courgettes cubed
dessert spoon coriander seeds or tropical peppers to taste
1 piint white pickling vinegar
scant 1/2 pint cider vinegar
2 generous desert spoons mustard
2 generous desert spoons cornflour
1 generous desert spoon turmeric
1 generous teasp ginger
2 or 3 dessert spoons honey ( to taste )

Mix the mustard, cornflour, turmeric with the cider vinegar and honey

lightly toast the coriander seed in the bottom of a large pan crush slightly
add the white pickling vinegar and bring to the boil, add the chopped onion simmer 5 mins add the beans, then the peppers lastly the courgettes, aim to still have some crispness in the veg
Add the mix of mustard, cornflour, turmeric with the cider vinegar and honey, simmmer till thickened taking care to see the veg still have some bite. Bottle in pre heated sterilised jars and screw on the lids.

Use white vinegar and it turns out a lovely colour, courgettes the same colour as sauce with flashes of green and red. As the veg are cut fairly chunky use wide necked jars for ease of filling
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