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quadgrow planters

Postby grannydrums » Sun Aug 09, 2015 9:54 am

this year I have been experimenting with quadgrow planters and watering kits. http://www.greenhousesensation.co.uk/quadgrow.html I have 6 planters(four pots each) very pleased with them. watering the tomatoes and cucumber is now so much easier. The french beans like it but the runner beans are less impressed. (perhaps its too hot in there) I dont get full sunlight in the greenhouse due to neighbours trees that have grown up over the last 30 years so next year so I am expanding the vegetable bed and putting 4 of the quadgrows on there. I can then compare yields between plants in the quadgrows and those put straight in the bed. I can also compare tomato and cucumber yields indoor and out. Does anyone else use these and which vegetables do you find do well in them?
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