when to feed carrots?

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when to feed carrots?

Postby macmac » Sun Mar 29, 2009 5:39 pm

my friend down the plot was asking about sowing carrots,she knows you can't sow into recently manured beds but it's a new area and she wondered if she could use blood fish and bone? or would this create problems.we rotate our beds and don't have this situation. :
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Re: when to feed carrots?

Postby John » Sun Mar 29, 2009 9:38 pm

Hello Macmac
Carrots don't need much feed in their early stages so I think BFB would be a good choice as it's a slow release fertilizer. You can tell quite a lot about what carrots need in the way of feeding by looking at the foliage - it should always be a good green colour. As the carrot tap root begins to form, I water mine occasionally with a soluble feed that is high in potassium as this seems to help give the root a good colour.

If your friend is new to carrot growing I'd suggest she does some searching on forum here where there are lots of good tips on growing them as they are not always the easiest thing to grow successfully. Sowing and germinating the seed can be tricky (Johnboy has a good method posted here somewhere) and protecting against the carrot root fly pest can be a problem.

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