disabled gardeners

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Re: disabled gardeners

Postby Westi » Tue Jul 30, 2019 6:21 pm

You do seem to have given it loads of thought & we all look forward with anticipation to see the finished (even if naked) garden which will give a better sense of it all. Then of course to see you fill it & post us updates! Continue to keep asking questions, no one bites on here, we all started with no knowledge, had successes & failures along the way & found or were given hints & tips we will share with anyone.

Please put a general location on your profile though so advice can be moderated for your climate. I live nearly as South as you can get in the UK, just 1 block away form the beach overlooking the IOW so I don't have much experience of coping with harsh winters that folk up North experience, but I still get harsh winters down here some years (yes it snows even), so then I can tap into what the forum members further North are saying & look back on things like their methods of protection & choices.

Good Luck Merlin, you must be so excited!
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