recommendations for tomato varieties?

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recommendations for tomato varieties?

Postby merlin777 » Wed Sep 04, 2019 11:41 pm

I'm looking for recommendations for good tomato varieties that fit my needs.

I'll be eating them myself - so nice flavour!
Easy-care, i'm disabled so the less attention they need the better.
South facing garden.
I have raised beds but happy to use pots or growbags.

I also have a small SF conservatory which has space for one or two plants.

May I have your thoughts?

PS, i'd like to try some leeks too - any suggestions that fit the above would be welcome too.
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Re: recommendations for tomato varieties?

Postby Primrose » Thu Sep 05, 2019 8:50 am

Two year ago somebody on here (I forget who but I'm really grateful to whoever it was ) recommended Primbella tomatoes. Seeds available from Victoriana nursery Gardens (http://www.victoriana
They are a smallish tomato with a delicious flavour and they have now replaced the Gardeners Delight upright plants I previously grew. They don,t grow as tall as Gardeners Delight, which may be a benefit if you grow some of your plants in pots.
This year I've also been growing Ferline for their blight resistant qualities. So far this variable summer the plants have escaped this disease. These produce a largeish salad tomato. Their flavour has been good as they,ve enjoyed all the sun available on a south facing fence.

For leeks I,ve always stuck with Musselburgh and had good results although the past couple of years they have been affected by rust. I don,t know whether this was triggered by weather or whether the spores are now permanently in my veg plot, although I've previously grown them for 30 years here without issues. I have light well drained soil. I suspect they would perhaps be even sturdier if my soil were slightly heavier and less free draining.. Obviously the heavier you manure your beds, I suspect the better quality crops you will get.
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Re: recommendations for tomato varieties?

Postby Diane » Thu Sep 05, 2019 9:40 am

My all time favourite is Sungold. Lovely small orange tangy/sweet fruit. Second - Gardeners Delight. Never fails. I've also grown, this year, Salt Spring Sunrise which was very good - and a grafted Shirley - massive fruits but not quite so flavoursome. However, mixed in with Sungold, was a very colourful sight to see. I grew them in the greenhouse this year - didn't bother to take out any sideshoots. Just let them do their own thing. I must say the grafted plant proved a real winner and I'll definitely look out for other grafted varieties next year. Just choose the bush varieties.
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Re: recommendations for tomato varieties?

Postby Westi » Thu Sep 05, 2019 3:55 pm

I grew Amish Paste this year as it is very fleshy, with fewer seeds & great to freeze. It is a beautiful biggish round tomato that crops well. I've been harvesting from the inside one for quite a while & still some more to come as they don't ripen all together. I have one outside that is full of fruit as well but just beginning to ripen, so it will get some protection when I go down to the allotment as the night temperature is falling & I think some foil around it might be helpful to assist it get every last little bit of the still warmish sun. I still like Indigo Rose for flavour which is a black small tomato that gets a red blush when ready, but the skins have bee a bit tough this year for some reason.
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Re: recommendations for tomato varieties?

Postby Tony Hague » Thu Sep 05, 2019 9:06 pm

Franchi Red Pear. Big, fleshy fruit for either sandwiches or culinary use.

The recent "blue" varieties, Indigo apple and Indigo blue beauty have great flavour as well as an interesting colour.
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