Heritage seeds for 2012

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Heritage seeds for 2012

Postby Mike Vogel » Sat Jan 15, 2011 10:15 pm

Hi all.

I have recently joined the Heritage seed library and my aim is to save some of the seeds I get [a] to send back to them (although I am not a Seed Guardian) and [b] to distribute to those who would like some (including me). I will only be harvesting these in summer/autumn 2011, so the earliest you could use them is autumn2011/spring 2012.

What I have are:
Broad Bean - Crimson Flowered
Climbig French Bean - Kew Blue
Climbing French Bean - Tuscan
Tomato - Christel's Plum
Carrot - Beta III
Lettuce - Liller
Cauliflower - English Winter / Late Queen
Celeriac - Balder

I mean to keep a couple of plants of each of the first 4 varieties in my garden, so that I can keep an eye on them. Seed will be isolated from any similar plant in the vicinity by wrapping the flowers of alternate plants in polythesne bags a few days at a time. The toms will be grown in the greenhouse and similaerly isolated from other tom plants.

I'm not too sure how easy it will be to grow the italicised 4 to breed true, especially the cauliflower, given the huge variety of rapa plants which grow as weeds.. I'll be able to isolate the carrots and celeriac from other such plants, but they only flower in their second year, so no seed till mid-2012. The lettuce I think I'll manage by growing it in the garden isolated under a cloche - difficult.

Please say if you'd like me to send you some and give me your address via a PM. I will apologise now if you are disappointed; although I have saved seed, I have not done so to order and I may not be successful. The HSL and my own needs will take priority.


Tomato - Christel's Plum
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