Alaskan Fancy tomato

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Alaskan Fancy tomato

Postby Granny » Wed Jul 23, 2008 10:59 am

I don't know if this is the right place for this so please move it if necessary.

I have an unheated greenhouse. I sowed various tomato seeds in a propagator in the house in the first week of March then moved them to the greenhouse when I repotted them. The Alaskan Fancy (Plants of Distinction) are the first to be ready to eat by quite a long way. We ate the first last week. The Tigerella which were the first last year, are still green and so are the 2 cherry varieties.
They are a smallish plum, (5cmx4cm) with a good flavour and heavy cropping.
They were advertised as early ripening and able to withstand lower temperatures. They certainly did that as my greenhouse got very low at times and I feared I would lose the lot.

Has anyone else tried them or got recommendations for early maturing tomatoes?
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Postby PLUMPUDDING » Fri Jul 25, 2008 10:57 am

Early Cascade was my first this year. The seeds were from a seed swap originally and are a bit variable, but a good size and flavour. There are others with better flavour, but not so early. The second is the Garden Pearl, a good one for growing in pots as an ornamental, nice pinky red, very prolific and cherry size tomatoes - good flavour - better after a bit of sunshine.

I've also grown Sub-arctic Plenty which is supposed to grow well in cool conditions and they are small plants with large cherry sized fruits and these are almost ready - maybe tomorrow with a bit of luck.

I sowed them all quite late this year - second week in March in a propagator and then in part of the greenhouse with a heater to keep the temperature above freezing, but nothing more and then into the border in the unheated part from mid April with fleece over them on cold nights.
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