Blight "resistance" in tomatoes

If you've found the information on the seed packet to be sadly lacking, this is the place to find out more, or add your comments!

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Colin Miles
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Postby Colin Miles » Fri Sep 07, 2007 9:11 am

Gardeners Delight and Tropical Ruby indoors - no blight, not sprayed.
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Mike Vogel
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Postby Mike Vogel » Mon Oct 15, 2007 7:15 pm

Alan, perhaps you'd like an update:

My Andine cornue did reasonably well[considering] and gave me a reduced amount of good plum toms on about 2-thirds of the plants I had put in. The other third, however, were very seriously blighted and I demolished them quite early on.

Olirose didn't do too badly either; I picked more of these than any others.

Tigerella did OK, but, like Olirose, i had to discard about 1-third of the fruit.

Gardener's Delight ended up with a reduced crop of little toms on almost leafless plants.

Alicante gave some good toms on blighted stems, but not all that many.

Outdoor Girl and Potiron Ecarlate amounted to very little.

In the end the blight got all the plants, with brown patches up the stem. However, the ones that did better were producing wholesome fruit on blighted stems.

I did everything I could to burn up the blighted bits, including the fruit and don't intend to grow toms in the same ground for several years. But I don't know whether the spores will have been wind-blown all over the allotment. I hope that chuicking affected fruit into the fire will have been enough to destroy the spores on it.

Hope at least some of this is useful.

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Postby Gadge » Fri Oct 26, 2007 2:37 pm

Greenhouse :

Gardeners Deight.
No Spraying
Blight but managed a decent crop by cutting back hard and stopping watering. Taste affected to a degree IMHO but edible.

Outside :

Gardeners Delight.
No Spraying
Bad Blight all destroyed

Most potatoes on allotment also badly affected by blight this year.
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