Read me first... factual "How to" topics only.

If you've found the information on the seed packet to be sadly lacking, this is the place to find out more, or add your comments!

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Mr Potato Head
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Read me first... factual "How to" topics only.

Postby Mr Potato Head » Mon Dec 04, 2006 9:11 am


This forum is for those that find the data on seed packets / catalogues unreliable, misleading or otherwise lacking. :roll:

Please title your posts in the following format. In the subject field:

e.g. Potato - 'Mayan Gold' or Asparagus - 'Purple Pacific'

This will enable people to search easily for varieties that may already have been posted to the forum.

If you are thinking about starting a new post, please search to make sure that the variety has not already been covered.

If you find that the variety has been covered more than once, alert the administrator (Mr PH) or one of the moderators, and we'll combine the postings.

Please try to keep your topics as objective as possible, and when describing the quality of results, please make notes of your soil type / growing conditions etc.

Finally, please be warned that, where noticed, conversational topics will be moved to another appropriate section of the forum. :wink:

Hopefully this will become a valuable resource for one and all... good luck.
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