Pots or beds?

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Re: Pots or beds?

Postby Westi » Wed Jan 04, 2017 7:21 pm

Thanks Sally! That makes sense! I was wondering if you'd found a cucumber that wanted to be a tomato.

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Re: Pots or beds?

Postby MaxBrickhouse » Tue Jul 31, 2018 12:35 pm

Geoff wrote:Do you think Peppers, Chillis and Aubergines do better in a greenhouse / polytunnel bed or in large pots?

I'm pretty sure I have read somewhere that they do better in containers because the compost gets warmer.

I also have a dim recollection about standing the pots you can read my thoughts here about phenq on white reflective sheet to give the plants more light.

So should I cover a bed with some of the white-on-black sheeting, white side up, and grow these crops in something like 23cm or bigger pots?

As per my experience, Peppers and Chillis (have never grown Aubergines) do better in a greenhouse / polytunnel bed. Tried once in containers, but the results were not good.
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Re: Pots or beds?

Postby Harlaner » Mon Sep 30, 2019 12:05 pm

As per my experience, Peppers and Chillis (have never grown Aubergines) do better in a greenhouse / polytunnel bed.
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Re: Pots or beds?

Postby Primrose » Mon Sep 30, 2019 2:06 pm

I,ve grown chillies & peppers (& occasionally aubergines) in.outside borders and large pots outdoors. Results from border grown plants have always been rubbish but my pot grown plants have always done well, located against a house wall which reflects and retains the heat. The sides of the pots do get pretty warm. If yours are in a greenhouse I would have thought that was generally heat enough with the roots probably getting warmer than in they were planted in a bed.

I plant my chillies In 8" pots, peppers in 10" pots and always mix in a few chicken manure pellets when I transplant them into their f8nal pots. Interestingly the roots always spread Into every inch of the potting compost. In my borders the root spread was pathetically small so I think this reflects the quality of the rooting environment. Are your greenhouse beds generously matured?

What you don,t want to happen is sunlight being reflected upwards so strongly that any fruits start to scorch. This has happened to me in the past during heatwave periods, when ai,ve had to cover the plants over with fleece dur8ng the hottest part of the day to prevent the skins actually being damaged, where I suspect the liquid in the skins has actually slowly started to cook the fruits!
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