What birds visit your garden?

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Postby DJmrcmb » Mon Apr 09, 2007 8:17 pm

you MUST have other birds in your garden at Morecambe Bay

Unfortunately not. It's only a small garden and we don't want it overwhelmed with birds. Mind, I think the odd wandering pussy cat sees to that. We get one or two scruffy cats living rough around here.

Well, we get a lot of birds, usually one variety but in large numbers.

I suppose it depends whether there's anyone around to spot the different ones. But Collared Doves seem very popular.

We had a squirrel visiting once, but that's a bit off topic. Besides, it doesn't come any more.
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Postby The Novice » Fri Jul 20, 2007 11:34 am

We have loads of diferent birds. Sparrows, blackbirds, finches of all different sorts, Jays, we have a resident woodpecker, swifts, nesting kestrels, nesting buzzards, sparrowhawk, and over the hill from us is a pair of peregrines who often come and have a look around. It's a wonderful place for wildlife. The young buzzards are just beginning to fly and are so wobbly just now that they tend to crashland in the trees rather than have the grace of the parents. We also have a roe deer who regularly comes and helps to keep the grass down in the back garden (not a bird I know but thought you may be interested).
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