House chicken

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Re: House chicken

Postby Kayburton » Mon Jan 18, 2021 12:06 pm

Chantal wrote:I find chickens to be very intelligent and usually very sensible birds. Huge characters too and underrated by most people, including me until I kept my first flock 25+ years ago.

Flossy is still outside, but is taking a break and sitting in her hut, looking out of the door. She does tire easily these days, but heck, so do I! :cry:

Any living creature has intelligence and it is developed just as much as is needed for their life. No more and no less, although there are individuals than the intelligence is more or less than the average. After all, only a person can consciously make a decision in which direction to develop. In my youth, I had a rabbit (regular, meat breed) who knew where his tray was and did not spoil the furniture in the house - he had his own toys that he chewed.
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