They're Back!

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They're Back!

Postby Westi » Thu Aug 11, 2016 7:22 pm

Slow worms that is - or rather slow worm to date! They have lived in the compost for years and I rescued them and re-loacted them when I moved the compost a few years back & I never completely empty the bin so they can keep safe at the bottom. Last year they disappeared completely & when they never showed this year I really thought that's it.

Tonight went to throw some bits in & there one was, calmly laying on the top shedding his skin. Put same bits in council recycling instead & went to get camera! & here he / she is! Not good pic of it as went under cover a bit, but now I know it is there I'll go prepared with camera.

PTDC0105.JPG (201.5 KiB) Viewed 989 times
PTDC0101.JPG (199.11 KiB) Viewed 989 times
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Re: They're Back!

Postby Diane » Fri Aug 12, 2016 3:14 pm slow worms :D
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