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Re: Clearway

Postby jabba » Fri May 29, 2020 11:15 am

hi john thanks for posting info up , the coil ebay number doesn't come up, but they do have this one 362992700854 £45, same seller which has the same info as for replacement of the 298968 coil, does this look correct to you, its identical to mine, will contact them for info, condensor £12. also where did you find engine number for yours as ive cleaned mine all over and cannot find anything, only the serial num 02110, will post pics later as also if anyone can help about springs layout one is broken hanging down, still ran ok before coil died, cheers jabba
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Re: Clearway

Postby Richard » Sun May 31, 2020 11:53 am

Hold on, you wrote it is a 10hp, that info was for a 7hp and 8hp. It may use the same coil though, if it does, I would have thought the seller would have listed it as being for 10hp too. The engine numbers are model, type and code. They used to be stamped on the fan cowl near the carburettor, but B & S started putting them all over the fan cowl on later engines. You can use the model and type to get a free .pdf parts book from B & S website. Then use "Briggs" and the coil number in eBay's searchbox, which should bring up several sellers.
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