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Bronze Tools

Postby super glue » Fri May 23, 2014 8:36 pm

Hi Folks

This is my first post, so I thought I would use this opportunity to let the folks know how my new bronze tools have faired.

We have a small plot of land here in North Yorkshire, which we grow a substantial amount of our own food in, we also have greenhouses and make the most of those as well.

To the main subject about our new tools, they are made by Implementations, we have the Orion Spade, the Border fork and the Long handle weed hoe.

First the Orion spade, I find this one of the best spades I have used in many years as a gardener, the handle is slightly longer which suits my six foot plus frame and eases bending some what, if there was anything to say about it that was slightly detrimental, it would have to be that the blade shank when it arrived was poorly fitted to the handle, and had slightly rough edges around the top edge, which I grazed my finger during digging.
One other thing we have noticed after using it for a season, is the blade does not fair well if your reverse levering with it, and it does bend backwards quite easily, we know it is made from bronze, but this does not happen to any of my steel spades being some what stiffer.
I also left it out in a shower once and the void where the handle is socketed into filled with water due to the gaps around the top, where the handle slides into it, if the handle was fitted as well as say a Bulldog spade it might not be any problems in that area.

The spades cutting edge also marked easily in our medium stony soil, but the edge has now work hardened and is now fairly robust, in that it stays sharper longer now, with only a little fettling at the end of the season.

The border fork is a nice tool to use, again the handle is superb, but like the spade, it too was fairly poorly fitted to the shaft at the socket, there was also a small nail holding on the top tee piece/top handle, which gave way pretty soon after beginning to work with it, it needed slight attention with a more substantial screw fitted here instead. The fork I feel is not suited for the heavier soils and more suitable for ready dug soil, as it can bend the tines easily if you work it hard in old root soil. It also blocks up easily at the top of the tines in even slightly damp soils.

The long handled weed hoe is a most excellent tool, nice and light and does what it says on the tin, a great addition to our tool box.

I have not really noticed any improvement in the copper keeping the slugs under control, because we have not had a wet enough summer yet, but I will share any information if and when.

Nice talking to you all.
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Re: Bronze Tools

Postby tracie » Sat Aug 09, 2014 8:12 pm

I have one of the hand trowels, it is the best tool I have, I love it.

It is good and sharp and makes a good hand hoe too.
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Re: Bronze Tools

Postby PLUMPUDDING » Sat Aug 09, 2014 9:16 pm

I've got a bronze trowel and an adze type tool with a beautifully shaped ash handle. They are a pleasure to use. The adze/hoe tool is great for weeding and drawing out a seed drill with a lovely sharp edge and smooth handle. I don't know whether they have an effect on slugs, but anything is worth a try. They are quite expensive but very well designed.
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