Garden Organic launches 'I don't dig peat' campaign

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Cider Boys
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Re: Garden Organic launches 'I don't dig peat' campaign

Postby Cider Boys » Sat Jun 25, 2011 7:37 pm

I appreciate that I am guilty of prolonging the off topic aspect of this particular peat discussion but wish to add that as Tony suggests pumped storage facilities are of course excellent ideas but one has to bear in mind that they are overall inefficient in that they take more electrical power to pump the water for storage than they can deliver. They are as Tony suggest used as a potential supply when loads require electricity using electrical power to pump water for use at a latter time when demands are high. I only wanted to make it clear that a capacitor may store charge and a battery potential direct current but as yet there is no practical way to store electricity itself.

Perhaps wind farms are being used to pump the water at these storage facilities, is that the case? If so then I can understand a use for them, but if people are being led to believe that wind farms are a practical means of supplying electricity then I beg to differ with them.

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alan refail
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Re: Garden Organic launches 'I don't dig peat' campaign

Postby alan refail » Sun Jun 26, 2011 2:04 pm

Back on topic: "promises" are not exactly flowing in from Scotland, Wales, N Ireland and N E England. Something to do with the vast areas of upland peat in these areas?
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